Fomo International is strong based company established in 2014 working in the field of Leather Golf Glove-Fitness Gear -Yoga Pants-Gym Hoodies-Sweatshirts – Nomex Flight Gloves- Police Gloves-Boxing Equipment -Martial Arts – Tennis Balls & Promotional items

Our team consist highly competitive who believe to produce the quality products in order to meet the high quality standards. Able to produced sports products at large scale and fully aware of market strategies and new personalized products.


  1. In time delivery
  2. Customers satisfaction
  3. Well defined process of manufacturing
  4. Quality control through tight monitoring policy
  5. Pro-active approach about efficiency and effectiveness of research and development
  6. Environment friendly methods of production
  7. Innovation
  8. High Level of commitment

We always welcome new ideas & customers challenging demands for their valuable trust on us.


Our range in Leather Golf Gloves- Synthetic Golf Gloves-Balls Marker
Golf Winter Gloves- Golf Winter Mitt- Golf Cap-Visor-Golf Shirts

Police Gloves Kevlar/Caddied Sand- Nomex Flight Gloves- Tactical Gloves
Gym Gloves – Cycling Gloves – Motorbike Gloves – Motocross Gloves-
Riding Gloves – Sailing Gloves- Winter Gloves etc.

Power Belts 10mm-13mm – Lever Belt – Weight Lifting Belts Genuine Leather- Split Leather- Dipping Belts-Neoprene Belts (Normal-Heavy) different sublimation – Lifting straps-Fingure 8 straps – Wrist wraps-Knee wraps (2X-3X-4X) all stuffiness available -Cross Fit Hand Grips- Hand Bar – Gym Hoodies – Yoga Pant – Casual wear and all fitness gear available.

Boxing Gear (Boxing Gloves- MMA Gloves – Bag Mitts – Focus Pads – Punching Bag – Anklet – Boxing Gel Grip Hand wraps – Chest Protector and all other accessories.


We have an extensive list of esteemed customers in USA, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Finland, Greece, Germany, Holland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, South Africa, Switzerland & United Kingdom, who have given us an opportunity to progress in the global market.